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We are fundraising to bring Love, Hope, and Christ to those in need!

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100% of all donations are poured back into transforming the at-risk neighborhoods of McKinney ( and surrounding areas)


Citychurch Youth Outreach is a volunteer based organization that serves the at-risk youth and families in the McKinney, Texas area. We are a "hands on" organization that has been constantly working since 2009 to be a beam of positive light and offer a living example of Christ to the people of the neighborhood.

Throughout the year we organize and host events and weekly programs to reach out and transform the lives of these children. Because Citychurch receives no government funding, we rely on both old and new friends to donate so that our students needs are met.

Regularly occurring programs include Sunday school, youth night, grocery delivery, and art night. Special events include Spring Break VBS, Popsicles in the Park, Jesus Loves You Celebration, Thanksgiving Blessing Boxes, Christmas Party, bonfire, summer camps, concert attendance, Mighty Men, Glamour Girls, college trips, Fishing with Cops, Movie Night with the Cops, and many more.

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